Kampmeier Labradors

Welcome to Kampmeier Labrador Retrievers, located in Southern NJ we are in close proximity to both the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.

Our Location

Southern New Jersey Beth@KampmeierLabs.com

Serenity’s Rosa¬†Damascena

of Kampmeier Labs


Born: 09/18/2011
Father: CH Annual’s Texas Ranger
Mother: Tulgeywoods Magic Locket Key To Serenity

Rosie is our wiggle monster – we laugh daily because when you say her name her rear end starts moving at an approximate rate of 1,000 times per second – regardless if she is in the middle of the bay with a bumper in her mouth or has snuck onto the couch sound asleep – its her trademark move. She is also my three bark wonder -even if you just went out the front door and went in – she gives a three bark warning. She loves to retrieve and swim, and will stay by your side for hours as long as you have a hand on her head. She has produced offspring that is competition worthy – we can’t wait to watch them in the ring.