Kampmeier Labradors

Welcome to Kampmeier Labrador Retrievers, located in Southern NJ we are in close proximity to both the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.

Our Location

Southern New Jersey Beth@KampmeierLabs.com

Kampmeier’s Gunner D’ Dog


Gunner is the King, he is the pack leader here at Kampmeier Labs, taking that over from our Harley and is honestly just a big black ball of loving.

He talks – I mean talks. He will have a full fledged conversation with you if you let him and has passed this trait on to his offspring. While he is a master at retrieving and will literally swim in the bay all day if you let him, he is also the dog that our grandchildren walk on a leash as they are learning to walk themselves and will stand in front of the stroller monitoring who is attempting to say hi and touch a baby.

He also makes sure all the puppies are accounted for once they start venturing farther outside and when he speaks – they listen!