Kampmeier Labradors

Welcome to Kampmeier Labrador Retrievers, located in Southern NJ we are in close proximity to both the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.

Our Location

Southern New Jersey Beth@KampmeierLabs.com


Endless Mts. Divine

Faith of Kampmeier Labs


Born: 12/20/2013
Father: CH  Endless MT’s Scotland Yard
Mother: Endless MT’s Pretty Woman

Hips – Good
Elbows – Normal
EIC – Normal
Cardiac Clear
CERF Clear Annually
NARC- Normal
PRA – Normal
RD/OD – Normal

Princess – that’s what we should have named her! Faith’s idea of a wonderful day is laying with you, on the couch all snuggled up together under a blanket. She loves when the kids lay on her, is the best Aunt when the other girls have puppies, but can turn the switch and do a double retrieve in seconds – in ground or water. She loves to be on the beach and swimming in the bay, and also prefers to snuggle up on a blanket afterwards, full of sand of course, next to her human family. Faith has completed her Championship and will start working towards her Grand Championship with her soul mate and handler Heather where she loves to spend time with her true love, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Boris.